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We are committed to research and develop projects that make a difference in the Blue Economy.

Our technology

The need for change towards a sustainable path in the Blue Economy is increasingly necessary. BITCLIQ is committed to leverage and accelerate this transformation.

We believe in the motto “fail fast, learn and improve faster”, we break and revolutionize concepts every day, in an incessant search for progress.

We are dedicated to research and develop special projects, in national and international territory, that apply new technological approaches to digital transformation.

We are proud to work with seafood’s international market leaders in the development of exclusive projects for the industry’s digital transformation, through the implementation of the “Industry 4.0” technology.

At international level, we have also created solutions to improve the operational efficiency and traceability of industrial fishing fleets and processors in Africa, Asia, USA and Europe.

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Want to know more about our solutions?

In 2015, we created Big Eye Smart Fishing, an international project that enables the improvement of operational efficiency and the storage of cloud data of fishing fleets.

It applies several technologies such as Iot and Edge Computing, satellite data transmission and cloud storage with real-time analytics access via online applications. It also implements a pioneering end-to-end traceability solution using a Blockchain Ethereum network, thus providing the market with a new fully decentralized logic and guarantees of immutability of unprecedented data.

Fleet Management – Communication of all fishing trips and on land activities. Recording of digital traceability data and satellite communications.

Real-time supervision – ​Real-time information on fleet operations, such as: fish on board, cost per ton, bycatch, crew incidents, consumption, fleet position, ETA, among others.

Process transparency – Interdiction of fraudulent information and guarantee of transparency along the entire value chain through BlockChain Technology.

Fish traceability – Ensuring the sustainability of fisheries through digital traceability, providing information to the consumer from the first mile.

In 2019, in partnership with Docapesca, we launched the blockchain marketplace Lota Digital. An innovative platform that reinvents the first sale of fish, directly linking potential buyers to the adherent boat in a transparent and 100% digital way.

This solution, that applies technologies like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, allows total traceability of fish and connects all the stakeholders in the process, from catches, going through financial transactions, to processing and logistics and cold transport, culminating in an interactive contact with the consumer through a smart label.

Transactional trust and transparency – Ensuring security in business transactions through smart contracts, Know Your Customer (KYC) processes, information encryption, security keys using Blockchain Technology.

Quality control – Execution of a strict control carried out by specialized teams in loco in the various auctions to ensure the freshness and characteristics of the fish established in the purchase and sale agreement between fisherman and buyer.

Sustainable use of marine resources – Use of Artificial Intelligence to forecast supply and demand. Optimization of the value chain for greater appreciation of fish.

Change in consumption habits – Access to the total traceability of fish from the origin to the destination, enabling the final consumer to make a more conscious and sustainable choice.