Brand Manual

Construction grid

These guidelines show the grid used to establish the relationship between the elements of the mark. This carefully studied relationship represents the basis of the identity system and should never be altered in proportion.

Safety margins

To ensure a correct representation of the logo, sufficient space should be maintained between the logo and other graphic elements or margins. This rule represents the recommended minimum margins. Wherever it is possible, they should be increased.

Minimum size

In order to maintain the visual properties of the brand, its reduction should not be less than the dimensions shown here.

Official brand colour

Universal color uniformity in different materials

B&W version

When it is not possible to use the correct colour, black or white versions should be used.

Secondary Version

The version with the lettering only should be applied when it is not possible to use the logo with the symbol.

Official typography

The chosen typography combined with all the graphic elements that make up the identity and its correct use are extremely important for a consistent representation of the Bitcliq identity.

Incorrect uses

The following undue uses of the brand logo are expressly prohibited:


Color Change

Outline application

Change in the disposition or change in the ratio between elements

Change of typography


Application on backgrounds

Application of the logo on color images and B&W.