Change through technological disruption

We want to contribute to a real change in behaviors and sustainable use of resources.

About us

Based in Portugal, Caldas da Rainha, BITCLIQ is a Blue Tech startup founded in 2013 by Pedro Araújo Manuel and that is focused on the development of intelligent information systems and solutions for digital transformation, with a special attention on the sea area.

With a disruptive approach, we drive the sustainable growth of the Blue Economy, applying emerging technologies that allow a transformation and enhancement of its various sectors, such as fishing. In this way, combined with agile processes, we take innovation to activities as traditional as artisanal fishing, creating conditions for the optimization of its value chain.

The sustainability of natural resources and the changing behavior of consumption habits are the basis of our mission. Simultaneously, our solutions have an economic impact on coastal communities and surrounding organizations. In the same way that they create conditions for consumers to be increasingly informed, making more conscious choices.

This entrepreneurial vision has aroused the interest of some of the main Portuguese venture capitals, such as Indico Capital Partners and LC Ventures, which participated in 2019 in the first seed investment round.
In 2020, through the Lota Digital project, Bitcliq was recognized as an Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship Company, being the first startup of the Blue Economy to receive investment from the Fundo de Inovação Social (FIS).

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We are aligned with the United Nations 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development Goals. The SDGs are the pillars of a modern and balanced society, capable of generating employment and wealth, while respecting nature and human rights.



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