Improving Seafood Sustainability through Digital Technologies

Plate-to-Sea Fish Tracking

The Seafood Leaders' Technology

Integrated tech solution developed since 2014 and tested in several projects at the global level in seafood operations under the supervision of international experts and partners from Europe, Africa, North America and Asia.

Fleet Management

Real-time fleet management through Smart Fishing Operations.
Our user-friendly hardware and software covers all fishing trip and landing activities, including digital traceability data recording and optimized satcom/airtime communications.
Note: Data models in total compliance with FAO, RFMOs and ISSF recommendations.

Real-time Supervision

With this real-time groundbreaking Business Intelligence platform, all useful management KPI’s, dashboards, data sources and consolidated reports enable you to know everything about your fleet operations: fish onboard, cost per ton, bycatch, crew incidents, consumptions, fleet position, ETA, among others.

Fish Procurement

End-to-end transparency through B2B Fish Procurement Powered by the Public Ledger Technology (known as Blockchain), fish buyers can now be automatically notified about their suppliers’ trustability level, having Artificial Intelligence working to ensure fraud-free information and supply chain transparency.

Fish Tracking

Ensuring Seafood Sustainability through Plate-to-Sea Fish Tracking.
With our new technology, you can increase your brand reputation through augmented traceability, providing first-mile information to all consumers and allowing you to receive their powerful feedback and reviews.

Market Fit

Designed and implemented according to the seafood supply chain needs

Fleet Owner / Manager

"High sea fishing fleet management is a huge challenge concerning the remote locations, lack of communications, long trips, big crews and intensive fishing activities."

We provide cutting-edge Business Intelligence and Cloud technology, connecting each fishing vessel to its management team through real-time data and KPIs.

Buyer / Processor

"Wild fish is becoming scarce to satisfy humanity growing demands. IUU fishing is out there affecting oceans sustainability and seafood brands reputation."

Our revolutionary B2B platform provides you total control about the transparency ranking of your fish suppliers, location and catch dates, among other useful details, driving you to make responsible choices.

Retailer / End Consumer

"Consumers are increasingly concerned about seafood sustainability, price and food quality and origin. But are our Supermarkets selling Sustainable Seafood?"

We bring trusted information to the end-consumer about seafood products, from point-of-catch to the shelf, with fraud-free validation through Artificial Inteligence and Blockchain.

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